Video Analytics, Perimeter Intrusion Detection Solutions and Virtual Fences Bring New Enhancements To Houston Texas Commercial Security Systems

Perimeter protection is a critical element in establishing a secure line of defense for your Houston TX Business or property. In the past, the only choice a business owner had was to construct physical fences that may or may not have been effective deterrents, today those physical barriers have a new ally, video analytics – sometimes referred to as a Perimeter Intrusion Detection Solution (PIDS). An effective PIDS can work alongside an existing physical barriers or do the job solo as a virtual fence. These virtual fences enhance existing commercial security systems making them ideal first lines of defense.

The PIDS evolution

First came fences which were not only costly to construct but also required security personnel to patrol the boundaries to ensure they were not breached, also an expensive endeavor.  Next, came CCTV which significantly improved the ability of Houston TX business owners to continually monitor his property boundaries from remote locations but again this too came with a unique set of challenges and limitations as well as cost. Adding more security cameras in an effort to achieve 100% coverage of the property perimeter often resulted in reducing the security operator’s ability to accurately scan the security feed from all of those inputs and even further reduced the operators ability to process and react to the information they were able to screen.

Video analytics not only addresses this challenge of information overload but with the right video analytics-enabled PIDS, the system can alert security operators in real-time to suspicious activity.  By alerting the security monitor to true security threats, they can not only verify the threat but can then allocate resources and respond immediately. These enhancements to your Houston TX commercial security system creates a virtual fence around your business or property and provides a true and reliable line of defense against unauthorized intrusion.

An effective PIDS requires video analytics

Video analytics works by continually analysing the video feed from your installed security cameras.  Using a defined set of algorithms, the system searches for specific data indicating unusual behavior or objects within the property perimeter. Once detected, the security monitoring personnel are alerted for immediate verification and action as required.  Using a highly evolved video analytics enhanced PIDS, a Houston TX business owner can not only identify security threats, but can also continuously monitor and track evolving threats.

Video analytics-enabled video surveillance systems create virtual fences

Constructing a fence around your Houston TX property may not always be a feasible option.  In this case, a video analytics-enabled video surveillance system can be used as a virtual fence to create an effective, proactive first-line of defence.  If a perimeter fence already exists, the virtual fence provides a means for continuous monitoring, early detection, verification and response.

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