Access Control From BASSEC Security Systems Makes Gated Communities And Apartment Complexes In Houston Texas Safer For All Residents

More and more people want to reside in communities that restrict access to the residents that live there. Today, approximately seven million households or 6% of the national total live in communities that provide some level of access control. Approximately four million of these households live in communities where access is controlled by gates, entry codes, key cards or security guards.

The seamless flow of authorized access into and within a community or apartment complex is critical in order to provide hassle-free movement for residents. Access control using automated gate systems helps reduce vehicular traffic controls access into the neighborhood while pedestrian gates and door access control limits access by foot to authorized residents and guest only.

Does access control reduce crime?

This is the most common question that is asked. The answer is, yes. For many properties, just being able to reduce unnecessary or unauthorized traffic alone is enough to reduce crime. Formidable fencing and gates restrict access and therefore provide both a physical and psychological barrier for criminals. Criminals want to come onto a property anonymously and blend into the community. Criminals like quick escape routes and don’t want to become trapped behind fences or gates should they be discovered. Many criminals will bypass a community that employs electronic access control for one that is not protected simply because of the restricted access.

Access control for gated communities

Perhaps the foremost reason why people choose to live in a community that offers effective access control is for safety and security. Because access to the community is controlled, chances of vandalism, theft and other crimes are reduced. An electronic access control system is composed of these 3 primary elements:

Control Panel and Software – This is essentially the “brain” of the system that contains the database of authorized individuals. It also controls the commands for each door or gate within the community.

Entry Devices – This refers to the actual devices used to gain entry to the property which include options such as:

  • Keypads – Keypads allow access to someone who knows the code.   
  • Key Card or Fob Reader –  The card reader system is ideal for properties with many people needing to gain access to a property. It makes it possible to configure access control to different doors and gates. It also makes it possible to issue different cards, depending on how they are going to be used. And when a card is misplaced, it is simple to deactivate it. Contractors may be issued cards that allow entry during very specific times or time periods only. Temporary cards may be issued for visitors, the validity of which expire once they exit the property.
  • Biometric Readers – The use of biometrics to accomplish access control access has been increasing. Personal physical characteristics are used as credentials, therefore, the need for cards or fobs with a unique code is eliminated. Examples of Biometric Readers include retina scanners, fingerprint readers, and hand geometry readers.
  • Radio Frequency Transmitters – Each resident is issued a transmitter unit
  • Emergency Vehicle Access Control System – This element of access control is able to quickly respond should emergency vehicles need access to the community.  

Access control for apartment complexes

Large apartment complexes frequently employ some form of access control such as gate systems to not only improve safety but to also attract new residents. Installing access control measures are typically a more effective and less expensive alternative to hiring and managing security guards. Residents can be granted access with only the click of a button. When a resident ends their lease – property managers simply revoke access using a web based application without having to collect back a card or FOB or change the keypad code. Access control for apartment complexes can provide convenient, secure high-tech access control on your property; secure main entrances and/or access to certain floors within a building and keep common areas such as the community pool, fitness center or clubhouse exclusive for residents all while being able to grant access or revoke access with only the click of a button.

Additional benefit of electronic access control from BASSEC Security Systems

Electronic access control systems have the capability of keeping time-stamped records of all entries and exits.  When a security breach or incident has occurred an audit trail can be very helpful in showing who entered the building/property corresponding to the time of the incident.

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